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Holly Dragon Lady (Please select Size Below)


Dragon Lady Holly is a hardy and popular Holly. Its upright growth and dark green foliage make it an excellent choice. Used for screens, privacy,...


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Lavender Twist Weeping Redbud (15 Gallon)


aka Cercis canadensis 'Covey' Lavender Twist Redbud is a great ornamental tree and great asset to any garden or landscape. It is a unique weeping...



Spirea Magic Carpet (3 Gallon Container)


"Spiraea [2] is a genus of about 80-100 species of shrubs in the family Rosaceae. They are native to the temperate Northern Hemisphere, with the...



Syringa Lilac (Please Specify Color) (3 Gallon Container)


"Syringa (Lilac) is a genus of about 20–25 species of flowering woody plants in the olive family (Oleaceae), native to woodland and scrub from...


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